Register To Vote (america)

If you live in America and have not registered to vote, please do so by clicking on the image below. Your voice matters.

Especially if you’re tired of the current state of your country ;)


Nader ftw.

We have 2 choices now.
McCain will start WWIII.
I like Nader too but he’s un-electable. Fuckin sad but true.
My first choice was actually Dennis Kucinich…but same thing.

Plus. You understand how much this country is obsessed with the superficial right? Giving this country a black president will be the most inspirational thing to have happened since we hit the moon.

And on a different note. Wall-E is awesome!

Sadly, Mickey Mouse, Still, is not on the ballot!
that’s f’ed up…

i was actually thinking about registering just for this election.

i was kinda hoping Arnold would have been able to run, but since there are still steps to be made till the 1 World, and he needs to learn a hell of a lot more about being a leader, i will settle for Arnold being Emperor of the Planet, later on.
i do feel that inspiration & hope coming from Obama, he certainly has the charisma, though how he could stop what’s coming without world war. is perplexing to me. it is simply possible he could rearrange everything in a way to improvise what needs to be done, but that’s the hard stuff no one will be, is or will be ever talking about until it’s solved or supplanted. either way, it’s going to be pretty exciting.
mccain certainly looks like an attachment to a retarded missle.

I personally think if Obama got in, you’d see a lot of positive change. Then again, I also think there’s the possibility that it would be JFK all over again. Of course if that happened, a civil war would undoubtedly erupt… and the damned republicans have all the guns :(

I just can’t believe how fucked up things have gotten in the last ten years. The national debt has gotten so out of hand that we spend more on interest than we do for all of education.

Personally, I’d like to see the day when religion doesn’t figure into anything political. I’m not against religion, but when I heard Bush say “I have seen the valley of peace beyond” I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

I’m not crazy about Obama’s religious views, but I’m really hoping that he can open a dialog that this country desperately needs. Communication and discussion are never a bad thing. We can’t just bury all the nasty shit we’ve done and pretend it never happened. The question is, how to we move forward. How do we get people engaged, hopeful, and involved in making our country better.

I don’t think Obama would let his religion get in the way of his politics… if that were the case, he’d be using his religion as a focal point in his campaign.

The thing about the American macro-political system, is that it’s a complete lie.

The imagery and surface arguments are so far from the root of any worthwhile issue.

Examine the consequence of American politics as a behaviorist; don’t listen to the spoken logistics, look at the results.

I’m not voting because neither candidate (to suggest a third party is laughably absurd) represents my beliefs.

Why elect the candidate i’m least-displeased with?

I do not live in a functioning democracy, therefore I will not partake.

Systems of violence also rely upon passiveness and non-action of the citizenry. Opting out gives the power structure what it wants.

Put aside your intelligence and vote for the least worst of the candidates. If they get in then it’s a good incremental step in the direction of reclaiming a proper system of representation for the people.

very true if I lived in a swing state, but my second reason for not voting is the electoral college. my vote carries no weight; I live in california, which will vote for the candidate on the left. the popular vote does not matter in the us.

in all actual honesty.

we pay way too much attention to this sort of thing.

the government doesn’t work even remotely close to what the american people are taught in college.

when everyone is trying to change the world, who will listen?
-certainly not those who are changing the world.

if i can afford a place of my own in a decent neighborhood setting. making at least the equivalent of working 40-50 hours a week earning minimum wage, being able to save at least a few hundred a month.
an not have to dole out any interest to credit card companies.

i would be pretty happy to fix the cascade.

and the answer is… Political Expediency!
I’ve been planning on picking up a copy of The Political Mind. I heard George Lakoff on NPR, brilliant.


In Canada where I live I always vote Bloc Pot.

They have no hope in winning and are a one issue party. Hell, I don’t even smoke pot.

But if the party that wins the riding wins by a small margin my hope is that they are smart enough to realize that if they legalize marijuana Bloc Pot will disappear an they will get my vote the next time.

Other parties of note in my riding are marxist-leninist and green party.

I always go vote, and I always vote the party that represents me. Are you sure there aren’t any fringe parties you can vote for?

Your vote counts. Someone has to count that shit and the look on the face of the people counting, a representative of each party, when they have to say “one for bloc pot” is worth it.

I would consider voting libertarian or some other third party closer to my personal beliefs, but the us is strictly a two party system. third party votes don’t show the dominant parties what people will vote for; the dominant parties do not care what voters want because they realize their dominance.

Barriers to third party success