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i’m now a registered heroin addict with the united states government. i start rehab next monday.

i’m only kidding. but i am proud to say that i’ve bought a copy of renoise and have posted it to all the latest torrent sites.

okay, i’m kidding again. i would never do that. but i did post it to the torrent sites.

j/k, i would never do that. this is a great project and i’m happy to support it. i’ve been posting for a minute to be friendly and stuff so that i’m not just here to mooch information from everyone, and have been getting a bunch of samples in the meantime. i’ve been playing around w/ the demo but can take it more seriously now (since i’m a serious person and all). it’s good to be able to save my work properly. i’ll read the manual and memorize some of the keyboard shortcuts i have printed out and then start asking a bunch of stupid questions. hopefully you poor souls will be kind enough to help.



Sure this is the daemon, and not his kid brother who’s doing the typing?
(I guess you know the penalty of leaking a licensed version - you loose the license :w00t: )

of course i know the penalty. the ones leaking the license are the ones who aren’t talking about it. if i was leaking the license, i’d talk about the weather.

really, there’s a the anything by this point, don’t you think? i chose a computer term, inspired by cdatakill. his reasoning was that a name doesn’t mean shit, so he just chose a random computer term. i chose dæmon.process, then shortened it to daemon so that i wouldn’t have to type it out when i log in. a name is irrelevant. it’s similar to global communication’s 76:14 album where the album and track names are just lengths of time. i’m david as far as i’m concerned. thank you for the congratulations. this is a major accomplishment for me. :D

I have also used my real name (Bjørn) for renoise-reg
Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling every time that splash screen is shown!!

BTW…It’s such a beautiful sunny day here B)

lol. i have snow on my car.