Registering Renoise

Quick question.
I’m in love with renoise and I’m getting fed up with the nag messages.
My only problem with registering is that if I register now how long will my registration last?
Am I right in thinking it will last to at least renoise 2.8?

Sorry if this has been covered before.

It will last till 2.9 if my mind serves me correctly.

if you register it now, you will be a registered user until 2.9 excluded. you will be registering 1.8 now, because 1.9 is still on beta stage.

but if you register now you can immidiately use the 1.9 betas … (which are stable and mindboggling-ly great.)

Who knows when 1.9 will be out for unregistered users … :D

Yeah, I think it will be a very long time before Renoise gets to 2.8, so you will be getting value for money. Also, each upgrade has been pretty massive even between small version number jumps (ie, 1.8 to 1.9 is only 0.1 of an update but LOADS was changed and improved)

my registration is for 1.9.

You will be registering 1.9 now. Everything else would be unfair…

Man, for the money this is such a good deal. Never before have I had such fun with software and never before have I been able to actively participate in beta testing (where my ideas actually get listened to!)

Bring on the new features!

yep. renoise is the best program ever, hands down :)