Registration My Eye...

On Feb 12, I ordered my copy of renoise.
It is now the 17th, and I still haven’t gotten my keycode.

You had NO PROBLEM taking the money out of my account.

I’ve already sent you two emails and gotten no reply… at all…


Did you got a pay-receipt from the credit-card transfer provider or something?
How did you payed?


  • when did you send the emails, to which address ?
  • which recipient address did you use
  • did you check your spamfilter ?

We answer all support requests usualy within 24 hours. The whole registration process is automated and which we usualy do not interfere. The most common problem we have been experiencing is about E-Mails not beeng delivered.

To verfiy this, please send us an email to and add an reply right here anwering the questions above.

Again, the last thing we intend to do is taking your money and ignoring your support request mails. The reason why you did not get the answers is either because your email did not make it into our inboxes or the other way.

Lets sort this out.


i have looked up your email address which you have been using for this board-registration. If you did use the same address for renoise registration and emailing us it wont work because the domain is no more valid. According to and there is no such domain. Either your DNS Records got screwed up somehow or the domain subscription just run out.

Please tell me which E-Mail address we should use for further communication since it is not possible with the domain.

I remember I didn’t get any mail either when I registered, years ago. But that could be the fault of the mail server, thinking Renoise mail was spam <_< . Perhaps use a different email address?