Registration Question

I want to register Renoise, however, I do not have my own pc. I go to the internet cafe to work on my tracks and need to register in order to render my tracks etc…I read that the registration is only valid for one pc…I cannot always be sure that I will be working on the same pc plus I will get my own eventually and want to use my registration for my pc when I get one. What do I do? I am unable to afford a pc but I can afford to register and need to render my tracks. Thanks for your help.

where did you read this? it is not true: your license is registered to your name, not to your computer; this means you will be entitled to run Renoise on any number of computers (and operating systems) as long as you are the user.

Though, it would be wise not to use an internetcafe machine to run a licensed copy of Renoise on.
(you probably won’t be able to install anyway, but you don’t want to risk getting your licensed version spread across the net either.)

Reportedly you can keep your version of renoise on USB stick, that will avoid spreading the registered version, as you’ll just bring your version of renoise with you. :)