1. Registration Backup Service wtf?
    its beckup system but i will wrote serail and etc to cd and i dont need it. Or maybe i need it?))
  2. After payment i only receive registration key to emeail or some thing other?


ps. i want version 1.8))))

guys i want to buy t-shit buy i cant found Ukraine in the list of country but i am near Poland)

This is something that SWREG adds by default, but it is not necessary so you can safely remove this.
See this thread for a few more details:…1957#entry82376

Notice what Bantai says: “By the way, the Registration backup service that costs 5.25¤ is not mandatory and can be removed from the order. It is a bit intruiging that SWREG has made that an opt-out service.”

You receive a login to the Renoise backstage area where you can download your full version. There is no serial/registration key needed. You download a version of Renoise which has your personal details embedded into it.

I am registered)
When will be Login?)))

i have recieved)