regular built in calculator?

from time to time i have to whip out the ol’ standard run of the mill calculator to work out simple math problems ie. where should i place this next note? etc etc… is there a regular calculator that can be added to a small unused area of the general renoise interface? i’ve searched and have found that there are tuplet, tuning, and bpm calculators but no regular ones… what programing language does renoise use? maybe if its not that hard i can make my own…

For the custom devices, lua… would be interesting ;)/> - check This Forum

What I’d much rather have is the ability to do some basic arithmetic in the numeric fields. When I’m working at high LPB, I often have to calculate “number of row” fields that are in the undreds (lines per pattern, lfo period, etc.) . Not hard to do, but it’d be nice to do this without slowing down.