Regulators :d

This is very rough, the song is pretty hard and I’m starting to think it’s in 3/4 timing.

I’m running over to a friends house to play GTA 4 for now so I figured I’d throw this sample up for ya. Good suggestion for a remake dude. The drum samples are just place holders, well everything is actually :D

Right on! :D heheheh I do work fast, I’ve been doing this a long time and the pressure is high, but not if you work fast. :)

Nah, after 12 years or so you’re able to pick the notes right out of a chord like a sniper. (I’d hope) I’m off to bed…ZZzzz…

*BTW, It’s not 3/4 timing… I was wrong. It was just humans playing real instruments that threw me off.

Been doing nothing but play GTA 4 :D I pretty much shot myself in the foot with the last reply about my quickness…

Consider this one on hold, I do have more done with it though, the plucky guitar part is done and some more dynamics have been added to the synth.

is it supposed to only run for 29 seconds? :( Like what I’m hearing so far, but what with all the remakes?

Agree with Jonas. 29sec?! Way to good, to be that short - although I’m not really an hiphop or rap fan yo.

I’m not a hip hop fan either :D haha

Yeah it was short because I was in a hurry when I mp3’d it, sorry about that. I’ll upload the real song just repeats the same loop over and over…etc

So I’ll upload it when it’s done.

I am a big hip hop fan, but I really don’t like Warren G.

It’s still safe to say it sounds great so far. I would like to hear some more.

So, are there any rappers here? I have some songs that need some vocals.

My voice sounds like rubbish. I’ll have to share a link sometime for some
comedic value.