Reintialize Sound Driver

One thing that I’m finding is that sometimes some vsti’s will choke (like anything East West) and to hear sound again I have to go to the top menu, select preferences, goto sound and reinitialize the sound driver and then it’s resolved.

Is there anyway to add this feature (reinitialize sound driver) as a button on the front of the interface for quick access, I’m assuming a good area would be the pattern tab?

This would be very beneficial to me and anyone experiencing the same issue. One easy click as opposed to four and an extra window is a work-flow time saver.

Have you tried the Panic button? (top/left corner of Renoise)

Yes, it will cut all processes, but it doesn’t reinitialize my sound driver. :(

Ah, bummer, well it was worth a shot :)

When you say the VST chokes, what exactly do you mean? Does it start to eat up more and more CPU until everything stops? Does it help at all if you play around with the “CPU Load and Threshold” settings in Renoise, by disabling overload prevention or setting it to a higher value? Or possibly try setting it to use only 1 CPU if you have a dualcore system, just to see if that helps.


I think the problem is with my sound driver. I’m running through an external EMU USB.0202 24 bit sound card. When I say “choke” I mean everything is still running smoothly but the audio just cuts out. When I “reinitialize” the sound driver it resolves the issue.

I am on a dual core system. The issue doesn’t seem to be with processing, it seems to be my sound driver de-initializing itself for some odd reason.

That’s my suspicion. And I do notice it drops out more when running anything EAST WEST or any vsti with a large sound file load.

I’m thinking there’s not much that can be done other then making the option to ‘reinitialize’ more apparent on the interface. The sound card itself is really nice so I’d like to be able to hang on to it.

Im having the same problem and I suggested a button of this kind in an earlier thread but I got the answer that I would be the only one on the whole planet to use it. Now Im reliefed when I know that someone else is experiencing the same.

My crappy Alesis audio interface bugs out on me some times, often after high cpu uses or a software or vst-crash. The original alesis drivers is not even an option so I use asio4all until I get a better interface I guess.

Well back to the problem… sometimes when I start renoise some other app has kind of like reserved the audio driver and I cant get sound until i use reinitialize audio and sometimes (high cpu och crash) it bugs out totally and the interface becomes unavailable and in those cases I can do nothing but wait until it by mysterious reasons gets available again… it can take up to 30 minutes or in worst case I have to reboot.

Im also on a dual core with hell of a lot of thousands + and also 3 Gb ram so I guess the whole problem is with the interface but anyway… my suggestion is that the reinitialize audio gets its on button in the gui besides the panic button or to combine them so that the panic button also reinitializes audio.

I really don’t think this ‘bug’ deserve a button in front-GUI.
But a hotkey option for it would be great.

That seems like a reasonable suggestion.

I can tell you one thing. At least 2 Renoise users will be hitting that hot-key often. I realize 2 requests isn’t exactly a movement, but hey, I’m a damn good musician, composer and tracker and damn it, I deserve it. :)


I’m awfully jealous! ;)