Releasing Songs ?

If I publish my songs at and share same time my songs as xrns. Is it allright to use samples/instruments included in Renoise release?

just do it!

Question answered … let’s go ahead and close this thread.

Not really, depending on what samples used.

Ofcourse it is stimulated to share the xrns with the community for everyone to analyse and learn something from it.
If that is with the samples and instruments included in Renoise or from the backstage, that should not pose a problem. If you are using third party samples that require a license other than Common Creatives than you might rather seek legal advise before releasing anything (rendered or xrns).

you could be a tricky Travis and just leave any questionably legal samples in your xrns but then make a professional /legal looking disclaimer within the composer jotes panel saying that you aren’t the one responsible for any copyrighted samples which finds its way into the xrns file. then put a link to the riaa website so it appears you’re on the right side of the law.

Renoise samples are free to use for everyone. Enjoy!