This week I made this new, harder D&B track.
It has a vicious, layered bassline and unique use of reverb to break up the beat a bit.
My PC (Athlon XP 1800+, 256MB, XP Pro) really struggled with this though and peaks at around 55% CPU when playing the track due to the amount of effects and synths.
I made use of send tracks as much as possible but it couldn’t be optimized any further. :D

Any comments or ideas will be gratefully received!…usic/Reload.mp3

Nice approach and structure, but the bassdrum could be more audible and punchy. Here is how to do it:
Download the Paris EQ and assign it to your Basdrum-track. This plugin has four bands, it’s really really useful for either enhancing certain frequencies or subtracting from muddy parts. Use the first band to cut anything under 80Hz and a second one to boost the Bassdrum at about 100Hz with a small Q-factor value (here they call it PW). Adjust the value a bit to get the most of it. This should do it, i guess ;)

The new beat after the first break rokks :drummer: :yeah:


Thanks for the feedback, I agree that the bassdrum does need Eq’ing - I just hope that my CPU can handle the little extra workload. :)