Reloading Source Vst Deletes Aliases

  1. Load VST x in slot 00
  2. Set up VST x alias in slot 01
  3. Reload VST x in slot 00

Result: the alias in slot 01 will be deleted.

For various reasons, sometimes I need to reload the source VST (for example an xrni containing the same VST with another set of instruments (VST’s like Kontakt)) and want to keep the aliases.
Would be nice if one could do that.

Not a big issue of course.

yes, it would be nice to be able to save an instrument together with its aliases

I have wandered against these limitations myself quite often, but on the other hand i can understand loading a main VST without changing the parameter settings for its aliasses, doesn’t come without crash-risks.

Of course, it makes sense that aliases are deleted if the main VST is changed (another one is loaded in its place).
But isn’t the risk minimal if it’s exactly the same VST that’s reloaded?

Couldn’t Renoise do like this:

  • Antoher VST loaded in the main VST’s place -> the aliases are removed.
  • Same VST reloaded -> keep the aliases.

Only asking because I don’t understand the implications of doing this. If it’s generally risky, it should of course not be allowed (without warning at least).