Remap Empty?

hi there, i hope i don’t ask too much old and answered stuff again…

  1. in advanced edit, is it possible to remap [note without instrument number] to [note with instrument number]?

  2. in the pattern editor, is there a knob to center all the tracks? (i know only to increase the with of some panes to the left)

  3. in sample keyzones, can i copy and paste keyzones? is there some alt-click to select keyzones that are hidden by others?

thanks !! :D

  1. I don’t think so. Can’t quite remember how notes with no instrument are handled in Renoise… Why have you got them that need remapping?

  2. Not sure I understand what you mean. You just want to centre the view?

  3. You can select multiple Keyzones with Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click like you can in most areas of Renoise. You don’t seem to be able to copy keyzones or their overall properties though. You can with the API, where you can create a new Keyzone using the properties of an existing one (I used the method in my Unison tool.)

I’ve deleted them in advanced edit. I guess I should also uncheck “Instrument” in the content mask before I click the delete button.

Yes. At the moment I’ve got only 6 Tracks and unused columns collapsed, and the right most track reached just to the middle of the screen, in 1920x1200 fullscreen.
Well…resizing the pattern sequence matrix does work, and it’s not so useless to activate it anyway.

Good to know @ click modifiers. Concerning the scripting, I’ve not managed to use it at all. I hate programming… didn’t even use IT-Aliens script for Play-from-cursor/Stop on one button. Actually I wouldn’t mind if the whole lua thing vanished and I could ask and hope for a feature without getting script snippets as an answer. I’m just too bad at it ;)

I can see how that could be annoying! I assume it’s too late to Undo and you haven’t saved a previous version either?

An All option for Source Instrument, like you have when effecting thing with the Notes section of Advanced Edit, may be a reasonable idea and hopefully also include non-instruments…

Afraid don’t think you can then. No “dead space” on the left hand side of the screen…

Not for everybody but I personally think it’s a very worthwhile addition, even though I’ve barely touched it myself there is a lot of powerful tools and interesting ideas come about because of the capabilities.