Remapping Instruments

Due to the “16 samples per instrument” limitation, I have had to split the tipical midi drum set into three instruments (C3-D#4; E4-F#5; G5-A6).
Now, when I import into Renoise a midifile, all notes in the drum track are linked to only one instrument (e.g., instrument no. 10).
Is there a quick way (maybe using “Advance Edit”) to remap the notes to the right instruments (e.g. E4-F#5 to instr. 11; G5-A6 to instr. 12) or do I have to do it note for note?
Thanks very much.
Giovanni :drummer:

remapping single notes isn’t easy at the moment.

the XML-based song format of next major ReNoise version will let you do this very quickly.