Remapping midi notes - Possible?

I have an instrument that I use for sending triggers to my eurorack modular. In the midi tab of the instrument I’ve selected the midi-to-cv interface (cvpal, connected via USB) as output device and set the note length to 10ms. This works pretty well. However the midi-to-cv interface has hardcoded a bit ackward mapping: C-3: trigger 1, D-3: trigger 2, E-3: trigger 3 and A#3: trigger 4.

I’d like to be able to remap those so that I have triggers chromatically up from C-4, so C-4: trigger 1, C#4: trigger 2, D-4: trigger 3 and D#4 trigger 4. It should all be contained in a single instrument, so that I just load that instrument and the mapping is there.

Is that possible?

Yes, if you use a MIDI plugin such as

But then, you’re on Linux? The principle is simple though: take a note and remap it to some other note.

I am not too familiar with plugins on Linux. Though a quick search on KVR did show these ones:

The piz midiChords seems to be able to do note remapping (and a lot more :))

midiChords: maps every MIDI note to 0 or more other notes, with chord recognition and many other features