Remapping "piano" keys

I want to put all note trigger / sample keyzone keys behind modifiers or use a midi keyboard exclusively, to free the most functional parts of the keyboard for navigation and editing operations, but I can’t find the note trigger keybinds in the preferences. Where can I modify them?

Sorry, but you cannot modify them.

The keys that trigger notes are reserved and cannot be modified.

I too would like to remap some of them, notably the , . and / keys…those keys are dupes of the C D and E on the upper octave anyway.

In other trackers they’re used for various other stuff, which i’m used to and would like to configure Renoise to do.

^Yeah I’m like that too. I just want to rebind ; to note off because that’s what I’m used to. Not the biggest of deals though.

I’d like to hear a justification for this. I purchased the licence partly due to Renoise being touted as highly customizable and scriptable. Why have you set an arbitrary restriction on configuring note trigger keys? I would like to see this restriction lifted in a future update. Renoise is all about workflow, and this is hurting mine…

Not trying to sound like an ass, but the demo is fully functional. If this was a deal breaker, you definitely should have checked that before purchasing…

Anyways. Hope you’ll get around it somehow. I agree, Renoise is all about workflow! There are some “free” keys there in the middle of the keyboard, though, but, yeah. I know what you mean.

Customizability and scriptability were sellings points, and while falling short in either isn’t exactly a dealbreaker as Renoise has other merits, I was surprised that I couldn’t alter such basic functionality. I can’t think of a reason as to why note trigger keys should be in any way a special case of simple keybinds, and I think my request to be able to remap these keys is reasonable. Maybe this should be moved to “Suggestions” section.

I’m with you on this. As apparently are some of the developers as well.(Another thread here)

Hope I didn’t come across hostile. Wasn’t my intention…

That would be encouraging if the date wasn’t 2010. I really hope we could make some noise about this to pressure the developers to extend customizability to the whole keyboard. Keyboard is an amazing interface device and as it is the most functional parts of it are going to waste while I have to do (and I quote Pysj in that other thread) “slow and painful finger gymnastics with the modifier keys”. Most of the time I’m not inputting notes. I can still use the program and be productive with it, but I could do so much more with a little more freedom.

P.s. No offense taken at all.

I have almost every key bound already with shift. Also, some VSTs get bugged by live keyboard input without a bound velocity (seems to trigger then on velocity >127?)

One other request I have is being able to turn off the ‘kb @echo’ in edit mode, ie., input notes in a pattern quickly without having to actually hear them. (Very nice for inputting the same note over and over, or maybe you already tried your chords, etc…)