Remeber Vst(i) Editor Position.

Would be great if Renoise remember the position of each vst(i) loaded in the song. This is very useful if you use dual monitors or use large expandable plugs like energy xt.
Its very frustrating when renoise put it in center each time you close/open a plug that you had carefully set up some other place on the screen.

cheers B)

Seems like a good idea to me!

I have some second thoughts about this… maybe unfounded, but…

What if then another day you open that song with only one monitor? The VSTi disappears from sight, right?

If that’s so, then it could be better to ‘reset’ the VSTi position, let’s say, every time you load a song… or every time you load Renoise.
Maybe an option in the preferences, with a “reset” button?

But maybe it’s possible for Renoise to ‘know’ when there is 1 or 2 monitors enabled?? And therefore act appropriately?

Wouldn’t the position just be stored in memory (temporarily) rather than being saved into the RNS file?

imho that’s possible