Remember Instrument Loop Settings

Is there any way to get the instrument loop setting to stay the same when switching out instruments from the disk browser? The transpose/finetune settings are remembered but the loop setting gets reset every time. This isn’t really a big deal until you’re trying to preview a bunch of different single cycle waveforms, and you have to click loop every time just to hear them, this gets really tedious when searching through folders of 100+ waveforms. Am I doing something wrong here? It seems like there’s gotta be an easier way to do this.

Keeping loop-settings the same between files is no option.
You can try the Wav Import settings in the Files preferences and check the “Import loop settings from files”. Alternatively, you can right click a wav-file in the diskbrowser and click the “Import loop settings” option in the dialog there.

However, if the loop-settings aren’t saved with the wave file, then nothing will be loaded. Also .wav format has many different binary structures, there is not one specific .wav format this also includes different methods of how loop information is stored.
So it might be that loop-info of some wave files aren’t supported because their structure is not yet known by the renoise devs.
In the latter case, you can always submit a wav-file to the devs for analysing and see if that loop-type information can be supported.

What about auto-loop option, like we have auto-autoseek option? Any files of less than something like 1/10th of a second can optionally have the Loop set to active (Forwards.)

+1 That would be reallly nice.