Remember Mt2 Support?

Hey, I love Renoise, and registered it, and can’t wait until 1.5!! but last year, I remember reading that you were going to include Mt2 support in the next version, and it should be possible (there are documentations on the madtracker home page) So what’s up?!

and it’s the question what’s more important … support for older tracker file-specs like MED coz this old trackers were more popular than trackers of this days … B) … and the most important thing (and the most difficult thing in a tracker) is a really useful SMF (MIDI) im/export i think.

well, I would like mt2 support too, mainly because I have alot of unfinished mt2-tracks laying around on my HDD … but its not that important, agreed.

i REALLY want support for mt2s…also i have a lot of unifished stuff in mt2

The reason I believe MT2 support would be important is because besides XM and IT, the MT2 format is important to support. The best sounding songs I think are still the MT2s (although RNS is far more powertful and has the ability to sound much better)

lets assume you made a song in MT2 format with automation/effects and you want to be able to re-edit and bring this song into Renoise (because renoise has amazing effects and capabilities). Its a pain to have to ‘down-save’ this MT2 song as a XM, write down all the effects variables, and automation envelopes…ect and re-edit them into Renoise.

So I think it would be a nice little addition if Renoise could just open these files up. (and it shouldn’t be hard for the RNS developers to impement this support). Plus lots of Madtracker users would be like, “hell yeah.”