Remember Sort Files-settings

As the topic says, I’ve been wanting Renoise to remember my Sort Files-settings for some time now, so I don’t need to change it to Date (which is how I work when browsing my songs) everytime I start Renoise. It could also feature individual sorting on Song, DSP Chain, Instrument, Sample, Theme, just like Renoise remembers each directory individually. Really hoping that this could be implemented soon. =)

I’m also wondering if the Date-sorting could be changed to a Date/Time-sorting? As it works now, it sorts on date and name, instead of date, time and name, so if I’ve worked on 3 tracks today and use the date-sort, those tracks will be sorted alphabetically instead of cronologically. Everyone’s opinion on this?

I know these are small issues but since the rest of Renoise is so perfect, I’m daily stumbling over these. =)

yes, I find it iritating aswell that Renoise doesn’t remember sorting. Maybe the future update will have a more advanced / larger diskop to handle files & folders.