Remember "track Dsp" Tree State

Hello :)

I suggest that the “Track DSP” tree-list remembers its state globally between songs/sessions.
Or defaults to all-nodes-clodes (not “Native Effects” always expanded).

I very very seldom (in fact, superseldom) use any of the Native Effects, so to me it has become mildly annoying to always close that node, and open the VST effects (or the Meta node).

I am sure many others prefer it as it is, therefore i suggest making it always remember the users lasts setting? Or, could it atleast default to all-nodes-closed?

Thanks for a super tracker.

I agree, I also never use the native DSPs. Also, I’d like Renoise to remember the position across tracks. Now if you make a new track you have to not only unclick the “+” but also scroll the your standard EQ [for example].

+1 for this, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before ;)