Remix Contest 2!

Somehow I managed 1st place at the last IndyTronic remix contest…maybe lightning will strike a second time…

Again, using nothing but ReNoise for the project…well, I did use eXT2 to speed up the vocals, but that’s it (no plugs either)…so here it is so far……_HSMIX_wip1.mp3

The original song can be heard here:

When I’m finished, I’ll post the xrns file. :)

Let me know what you guys think.

Good Morning hseiken,

hui, listened to yours first, then to the one from myspace. Then I had to listen to yours again to find out if they are really related :) Yours is more funky, less dramatic. I think, some improvement can be done to your high frequencies. They are too loud, the voice was just hisssss-ing out of my speakers. Also, I think, this flute-theme is slightly out of tune. Did you plan this?

Nice work, kaplah for your contest! Chris.