Remix Of Katy Perry "i Kissed A Girl"

I’m looking for feedback for this remix, it’s not mastered and everything you can here there comes out of Renoise B)

You can find the remix here

Hope you like … any feedback very welcome.

great little tune at times, but it does get a bit repetitive, but that just comes with house music doesn’t i though the snares could be a bit more powerful and cut through a bit… the hookline’s kl though

hm… my wife (my hardest critic) said quite the same… “the tune is too long”. maybe I cut it down a little bit.

the snare… I’ll give it a try, sounds like something I felt the track needed but somehow didn’t hear it.

Thanks for your feedback man!


I’ve reworked the track, made it shorter…

you find the track here

maybe someone likes to listen into the track and give me some feedback.



Sounds sweet. Vocals should be mixed a little louder though!