Remix one of my songs and score a slot on my Spotify album

Hello. Last June I released an album (made with Renoise) called Ever Looming. I’m currently accepting remix submissions. Selections will be put on a special Spotify compilation.

Here are the stems and more info:

Some fun source material to work with! I’d love to hear what you come up with. Deadline is October 1, so you have a good few weeks to hash something out.


Hope to get time to participate.
Sounds like a great album by the way, great work.

thanks very much! i hope you do as well.

I like your music, so I would really like to take part. I have almost never made a remix, so it would be fun.

I’ll try to get some spare time to give it a try

PS: great idea!

Really hope you can find the time, and thank you!

I have downloaded all the song packs. Actually, I expected to find an XNRS file inside. In order to actually create a “remix” and not “simply” a completely different song, it would be good to have a base on which to start working. Also, the time before deadline is not very much (at least for my composing standards), so having the XRNS files would surely help boosting the process.

I see that the packs contain rendered WAV’s of the song tracks. Although I understand that this is how normally people create remixes, this is not what I expected: I don’t have the skills to create a remix from such material.

As far as I remember the album was awesome. There is a big chance I won’t finish remix in time though.

Would def consider pushing the deadline a month if that would help!

Oh right. I’m happy to provide the xnrs files. I’ll post them in this thread. Apologies in advance if they aren’t terribly organized. :)/>

Also… there are some VST dependencies. How does that work?

Regardless, here are the xnrs:

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to say :)

many thanks dep for publishing the XRNS. I will download and check them as soon as possible.

as for the VST requisites, if my setup is missing any of them, Renoise will just show a list of the missing ones, and the related instruments will be silenced until you provide a substitute. using the MP3’s, the WAV’s and the XRNS’ you provided, I should be able to find similar sounds, or something completely different yet inspiring ;)

PS: delaying the deadline is always welcome :)

WAV in lieu of any missing VSTs is a great idea and should work well! The accidents produced may lead to new inspirations. cool!

So I’m definitely going to push back the deadline to November 1st. I hope this helps. I’d be honored to hear some of your fresh takes on the tunes. Thanks again!

Hi Dep,

I have seen that you made extensive usage of EastWest PLAY. I also have that plugin but I am unable to make Renoise recognize it for two main possible reasons:

  1. it appears that for some reason you have mixed both AU and VST versions of PLAY. As I am a Windows user, I don’t have the AU version.

  2. with VST versions, I still fail to load the plugin in the song. My plugin version is labeled as “Play => VST”, while your one is labeled “East West => Play”. This is likely to be an error on EastWest’ side, anyway could you tell which version of VST Play do you use, so that maybe I could try using the same version? (to check: open PLAY, click on “MAIN MENU” then go to About PLAY")

I grabbeded the stems for track 5. Sliced things up. Reassembled. Seasoned to taste.


Hope this helps!

Hey really enjoying this fresh take! Thank you for sharing :)