Remix: The Fugees - Ready Or Not

For sportive icehockey, Janice, Janet and Pamela I made this music.

I am on soundcloud: Hergio Dendez, and I have to go for class again.

You know, it’s not about protective wear at all in the game of icehockey.
The game needs to be sportive however. That’s what this song is meant for.
For sportive icehockey, and my girls Janice, Janet and Pamela. I always wish
I was young again and only was trying to learn icehockey. I could have hooked
up with Janice long time ago and now it took a while. Anyway, icehockey
brought me far. Now it’s time for the music to come along with the sportive
scoring abilities an icehockey player should have, like me.

This is my remix of an epic track, The Fugees - Ready Or Not, in a drum and bass version.
Special requested by a dear friend of mine, who told me to use this sample long time ago
when other mates made the jungle version with the same sort of sample from The Fugees

  • Ready Or Not in the 90’s where originally The Fugees sampled Enigma who seemed to have
    sampled somebody else…

Anyway, here is: Hergio Dendez - The Fugees - Ready Or Not - MyRMX

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