Remixes In Renoise

I know live seems like the preferred software for remixes, but i’d like to know if any of you remix tracks exclusively in renoise. seems like it’d have a more chopped texture to it, and thats what i’m going for.

Is there a methodology anyone can recommend? I have tracks i want to remix but i just upload them and have know idea where to start.

This reply was posted a few weeks ago, outlining a decent way to get going.

The “long audio track” would be the song you are trying to remix, with the correct BPM / number of patterns set, and the song playing through it. You can see a variation of this technique in action in this YouTube video of a snoop dog remix:

The snoop track is in the most left column, the remix part is an additional beat (one column over) with a bunch of VST manipulations.

I’ve “completed” one remix in Renoise… my second Renoise release actually… a breakcore inspired remix of Prodigy’s Firestarter. Though horrendously mastered, with tin can vocals, it has a very chopped texture. Basically, apart from taking a few weeks to separate vocals from the original song using a variety of methods, I basically just synced the Renoise time to the original track through trial and error, chopped the beats up into individual slices, and started sequencing the chunks monophonically, with the extracted vocals and sound effects on different tracks.

I love the composition in this one, but it really needs to be remastered… and someday I will master this more acceptably:…Firestarter.mp3

One remix I did was Desperate Religion [Traxinspace] which was originally done by ATB.

And I made a Remix for a gothic-ebm-band called Massiv in Mensch. This remix will also be on CD soon ;)

I’ve done a couple of remixes in Renoise. I almost always use the voice-track as the base for the remix. Sometimes it’s harder if I don’t really like the melody or if the voice doesn’t appeal to me - then I have to be creative - write a new melody around it or chop the song up to something more interesting. A remix should imho always have something extra or interesting to it, if I can’t come up with a good idea to justify the remix itself, then I’m probably better off remixing something else, or it would take the fun out of it. if you want to take a listen to the result. The 4 first tracks are done in Renoise.

There’s 2 styles I tend to use for remixing vocals…either use 4 measure chops of the vocals and 4 measure patterns, or chop the vocals into each verse/chorus and work that way.

I’ve done 2 remixes in renoise. In both cases I’ve chopped the original using Audition to certain amount of measures and then used in renoise.

I did all my remixes in renoise, mainly because I spent alot of time on the drums and I can’t do drums in any other program than renoise.

And I went the way ashkan mentioned, use audition to cut precise 4 or 8-bar loops, load them into renoise and just remix away.

I have done a few remixes on Renoise with various methods, for example:

Pet Shop Boys in drum’n’base:…ever_remix).mp3

Simply cut the original track in sections, scaled them to same time and added the drums, bass etc. in renoise.

Beastie Boys: We got the power…lio_remake).mp3

Built a completely new track based on the vocals I downloaded from

MoDo: Einz zwei polizei…arameter=329851

Recreated/remixed the song from scratch by listening to the original track.

more remixes and originals can be listened at: