Remixta Episode #10

And again it’s time for another show. Today at 15:00 UTC.

I will play some cool music from past months and introduce new albums from various artists, including the new album Identity Matrix by Braintwister, released earlier today under Remixta netlabel:

The links to start listening will appear on some time before the show begins.

Join us for a char on Renoise IRC: irc://

Go to for more information and your local time of the show.

And the show has been uploaded to:

Thanks to everyone for listening!

Good show

thanks for pointing out what my nickname is about :)

When searching for your homepage I also noticed that “Italien” is German for Italy. Was this the original source of your name?

Either way your music is more than inspirational!

GREAT JOB!!! Listning to it as I type!! Thanks Suva for yet again another display of how passionate we all are about Renoise!! =D