Remixta: Episode 4 Now Airing!

Forgot to add this to the boards. But I have finished recording Remixta episode 4. Long time ago.

This time we are looking back into year 2008 and listen to some of the greatest tracks produced in this year. We are concentrating on more heavier electronic dance music, but won’t forget other styles either. There was lots of goodness released in 2008 and although I was trying to be objective, I still couldn’t get over the DJ side in myself and played more on the flow. So many extremely good artists were unfortunately left out cause I just couldn’t fit them in. Don’t worry though, I will play your songs some other time for sure!


  1. Polybius - Ephemere
  2. Scott Althams - I wonder If God Was Sleeping
  3. Keith303 - No More Looking Back
  4. Beatslaughter & Ptrance - Crowbar Massacre
  5. She - Gum
  6. Charly Linch - Marbles
  7. Venetian Snares - Gentlemen
  8. B-Complex - Acid Trip
  9. Benefit Of The Boomerang - Jong Belegen
  10. IT Alien - Le Femme Et Le Chien

Listen to the show at

There was also winner for the T-Shirt I promised earlier. I will get in touch with you right now. :)



I also added a donate button for now. Nobody has to donate anything. I will keep doing shows with or without it. :)

Just that Remixta show has some expenses, on hosting on buying equipment and albums and all that stuff. Also I would like to do some more games in the future, have more stuff with prizes and everything like that. So it would be cool to have a budget I could use for that.

All money donated through that button will be strictly used for Remixta podcast, promoting artists and Renoise and not for alcohol or anything like that. :D

Awesome :)


… oh wait, that track’s not on here… nm :P

Well, episode 3 and 4 are going into my mp3-player for the busride tomorrow. :)

nice, ill be tuning in to future episodes. like a really good drama series.

Bump! Cheers for the props, captain!

New episode is fascinating!

And thanks, btw :)

nice one suva :)

This may be the best episode yet. And the first half of “She - Gum” is the freshest electronic music I’ve heard in a LONG time.

very nice episode again!

thanx for the kind words ^_^