Remixta: Episode 5

Too lazy for many words, so I will do a little Q&A instead. :)

Q: What?
A: Remixta episode 5.

Q: Huh?
A: The independent Renoise podcast. Playing the greatest tracks made with renoise.

Q: When?
A: Right now!

Q: Where?

Q: Is there anything special about this episode?
A: Yes! Showcasing four new amazing albums!

Q: Tell me more!
A: This is not a question! Go see for yourself:

woohoo! :drummer:

Good show. Keep it up.

Cheers Suva! Thanks again for the promotion. I really enjoy the chilled vibe of the first few tracks this time.

Awww yeah

dig it.
thanks for making one of those nonsense days at work a little more interesting ^_^

Hurrah! Nice job once more, sir!

Downloaded for later listening pleasure. :)

Track list for lazy clickers.

  1. Polybius - Appleyard
  2. Lackluster - Ism Psm Sm (EP Aeriation)
  3. Helvetikone - Bender (Album Bubble Hum)
  4. Charly Linch - The Fall
  5. Next Life - The Reunion (Album The Lost Age)
  6. Next Life - World Map (Album The Lost Age)
  7. mr mark dollin & Alex Strain - Saint Santa (Album mmd_as)
  8. DDtMM - The Breakup
  9. Transient - You and Me
  10. Juolac - Feel Your Heart Started


Thank you, Suva,

I enjoy these episodes very much :walkman: !

All the best,

Was track 4 published already somewhere? Any way to download it?

Yes, I got it from here.

Note that first link in the thread has different name, but it’s the same song. The one I played comes later in the thread. Because it was later renamed in production.

I’ve got a mastered version now.

just uploaded and should work in a few minutes:

Loves it…