Remixta - Renoise Podcast

This is the first Remixta podcast, bringing you the latest tracks I have collected from Renoise community. The tracks are selected by my taste alone not based on their technical quality or the popularity on boards or anywhere else.

This time the podcast is mostly concentrated on groovy and melodic dance music influenced by music from 70’s to 90’s but there also more modern sounding tracks, so I hope it’s pleasurable listen to everyone.

This is the first time I am doing a podcast and first time I am commenting on the radio show in english language so bear with me on the accent and bit clumsy speaking. There is room to improve and it shall be better next time.

If you have any new great stuff coming out please get in touch with me so we can showcase it on the next episode. Also send me a link to your new tracks if you have any if I like them I just might to play them on the next podcast!

Still reading? Huh? Start listening now. Subscribe to the podcast and don’t forget to let me know later how much you enjoyed the music.

Just had a listen… good stuff :)

Nice one! Thanks for the effort. Looking forward to the next episode :D

If you don’t know what podcast is. It’s basically “on demand radio show”. You can download it just like that (it’s an mp3 file), listen it online using the flash player on the page. Or subscribe to the podcast with a podcatcher which will automatically update the episodes in your MP3 player or memory stick for the car stereo. iTunes and Winamp can act as podcatchers.

Why I did it? Because I like to appreciate music based on it’s musical value rather than pure technical one. Some tracks made by Renoise community really deserve to be listened rather than analysed technically. So I made this show where I select my favourite tracks and play them in suitable context. Just for listening pleasure.

Well done Suva! Great idea…

This is the best thing since Sliced Beats!

Minced Meat.

Heard trough it myself,
Wonderful mix and a cool host.

Thanks for the initiative, count me in as
a RRS monkey on this one ^_^

Really enjoyable :) I am listening to this at work :)

Nice track selection and moderation. Maybe up the quality to 192kbit in the next one?

I will consider upping the bitrate although even at this rate the podcast has created relatively huge bandwidth. It’s cool though that so many people listen to the podcast – great exposure to the artists. :)

The issues with higher filesize are not so much in bandwidth usage but rather in the download time for listeners as apparently my server isn’t the fastest one out there. I will also consider moving the site under better hosting if the amount of listeners grows even bigger.

I could also provide m4a podcast which would offer better quality with even smaller filesize. But it has problems with some devices and players.

thanks for the rather cool selection and enjoyed your comments. more.

I approve of this Podcast

Brutal Compression is the word. That and the lowering of the higher frequencies.


Compressor on vocals, sidechain compressor on audio with long release and relatively long attack on the music + delay on vocal track to fit it in. This is the best solution for recorded radio shows.

Problem with my current setup was unfortunately that I didn’t have my good mic with me. So I had to go through hell and back to get somewhat edible sound. I also didn’t want to wait any longer to get this out either, so I just released it as is. Will be much better next time as I’ll grab my better equipment for recording the stuff.

Also front page. The episode is not only about retro tracks. Only the second part of the show is themed.

No, I first read it bit wrong, but you are not actually saying that the whole show is about retro tracks, but it has this retro theme which is true. :)

“…climaxing into the song of the month…” - aren’t we exaggerating here a bit? :P

Really great initial this podcast, can’t wait for the next ep!

Super stuff :)

I enjoyed this quite a lot! I think it’s a great way for artists to get a little bit of exposure too.

I also think you should up the quality to 192k. It’s worth it.

Side note, are you playing back peoples’ songs straight out of Renoise (or rendered wav’s), or are you playing the mp3’s (and essentially re-encoding them)? I hope for the former but it’s hard to tell with the low 128 quality. Other than that it’s really great though :)

This time all tracks were MP3/OGG files. The reencoding is not that bad as you think. And yeah I am going higher bitrate on next release. :)

I hope you are at least doing joint stereo.

/me considers creating the “coalition for a higher quality remixter”…

No but seriously… You could always ask for .wav files of peoples’ tracks, I bet most would oblige