Remixta - Renoise Podcast

Don’t worry dude, I can handle it. :D

If the crowd wants better quality I can do it. :) But I think it works like this aswell right now.

Just wondering… why should artists give wav files if the encoding of the podcast will not be of better quality then the song mp3s? Most people release their tunes at 192kbs or higher :)

If you re-encode an mp3, you are killing the fidelity even more and increasing the chances for artifacting.

I’ll shut up now though, carry on, I really did like the show and look forward to the next one. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed. :drummer:

Excellent idea, mostly not my kind of stuff this week but it’s certainly good to listen through and hear what others are producing that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. One suggestion: in the playlist on the Remixta homepage you could link the artist’s name to their homepage (or myspace/virb etc.) and the songname to a direct download of the mp3/ogg (if it exists), so people can investigate the music further.

link seems to be down?
at least on my connection, i can’t open it.

The link is down occasionally. That’s what you get when you get the cheapest hosting out there. :)

yep, now it works.
nice work suva :)

I’ll take a listen in my mp3-player tomorrow. :) Thanks for not using m4a for this reason. ;) (I specifically bought one which supported ogg, hehe)

Cool stuff :)


next Remixta podcast will be released in (very) few weeks. I have already quite some many tracks, both new and old to play, but I would really like to promote some upcoming release this time aswell… If you have something, definitely get in touch with me. :)

I moved remixta to new server. The new URL is

Please update your bookmarks/subscriptions.