Remote VST hosting

Note: I have already posted elsewhere to see if this already possible which according to my research is not yet.
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Basically i’m wondering if it is possible to develop a meta device or ‘instrument’ of some sort that utilizes the OSC protocol to connect to a remote machine that
is dedicated to hosting windows based vst’s (or could be au, dxi, rtas etc depending on user requirements). Think VST system link technology by Steinberg.

The remote machine shall run some sort of custom vst host or Renoise itself that receives commands from the local machine such as loading desired plugin
into an available slot. The meta device or ‘instrument’ then fetches all information and available parameters from the plugin and presents it all in orderly fashion.

With this we would obviously require midi data transmitting in a single direction (local to remote) clock sync, tempo sync and plugin audio stream sent back to the
‘instrument’. Our conclusion is that we have eliminated the fact that plugins will now no longer rely on platform support and we will have separate processing power dedicated
to plugins. Not to mention live performances etc…

I hope this all makes sense and would be interested to see if there has been previous research into this. Would this be really simple or could it be opening a can of worms?



I’d love to be able to host VSTs on a remote system, sync and control things from the local system, and route the audio from the remote back to the local with a reasonable degree of latency compensation. As long as your working within a single LAN with limited network activity, latency shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Distributed Renoise = win