Remove/add Tracks Button, Where Are They?

Remove/Add Tracks button, Where are they?

First i thought it was me that i forgot where those buttons are but they are really gone at the top-left (Column section).

I know there are a few other options to do this like the EDIT menu on top, right click on pattern editor or the keyboard shortcut, but i liked the buttons, was used to that :)

give it a week and you’ll be used to CONTROL+T. don’t worry.
I’m lucky that i had got used to the keyboard shortcut in the first place and hadn’t really noticed the disapearance until you mentioned it lol

Or use the commands in the Edit menu on top.

Ok thanks, works fine so far. Making Dogs of War remix (old commodore amiga game from Elite), song by David whittaker. :)

Sometimes i notice that the moving goes a bit weird in the pattern editor when i move around using my arrow keys, especially when edit mode is on. its like the keyboard is speeding up and then normal. cant really explain. it moves like really fast and then normal again.

Yeah… I’ve experienced that too… And not only with arrow keys. Also when filling up all lines in a row with some single note it’ll stuck and then speed up. that’s kind of disturbing.

I think its some sort of cache/buffer issue that makes it speeds up then normal again. or just a keyboard coding issue in Renoise? dunno.

what frame rate are people using? im on 50

  1. I guess it’s the default. I haven’t changed it.

Should be 60 by default. Does changing this to 60 make any difference on your side?