Remove Single Trackcolumn?


i want to simply delete a unused or further not needed Trackcolumn. But in Column Contextmenu there is no delete, only a cut which only deletes the notes in it??!!! i checked the shortcut window and not found a Column delete too. As Workaround i delete all notes on Column and move it by mouse on last position of trackcolumns. then i remove it with the “-” button of Trackcolumn control. Is there really no other way to do this??

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Deleting a track is weird.

No idea why that option is buried in the Mixer panel.

(If you’re looking to delete note columns in a track, that’s something else.)

Thx, but i want to delete the “Notecolumns” like you named this. Dont know how this parts named officially. :confused:

I will try to summarize how a note track works in Renoise.

A note track has 12 note sub-columns and 8 effect sub-columns. Technically none of these sub-columns can be “removed”. The only thing you can do is “ocular” (or show) these types of subcolumns (- button), and always in a decreasing way, so that subcolumns with a smaller index always take precedence. This allows you to keep information in sub-columns with a higher index and ignore them because they are “hidden”. You can also change the PLAY / OFF status of each note sub-column.

Group, Master, and Send tracks have the same philosophy, but only have 8 effect sub-columns.

The only thing you can delete is the data inserted inside each sub-column and you can do it very quickly from the advanced operations panel.

Something similar happens with the pattern. Each pattern always has 512 lines. You can hide or show a certain number of them.

Near where it says note at the top of the left most column of notes are a + and - key, the minus removes note columns from right to left.

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delete colum

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That is exact this what i have done + i must moving empty column to last place on right side! Ist there no autocollaps function for empty columns?

Not as far as I am aware, a lot of Renoise processing happens left to right, so keep in mind programming from left to right when creating notes.

(?) → Set Track To Active Columns | Renoise


That’s sounds good. I will test this. Thanks mate.

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That just hides columns starting from the right.

If I have for note columns and only want to keep columns 2 and 4 there’s no way (that I know of) to simply remove columns 1 and 3, leaving just two columns with notes.

I would have to shuffle notes around to get everything in columns 1 and 2, then clear or hide the others.

Ok mate, thanks for this info. It helps me saving lifetime.

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