Remove Spaces - With Delete Unused Instruments/Samples

Hi Good Renoise People!

As header says, I would like you guys implement such a help-tool where program can remove all spaces that are left after you use “Delete unused samples & instruments”.

Sometimes spaces are too large so I have to scroll down a lot just to see if there is another instrument left alone at the end, or so.

You can add this little “tool” below the “Delete Unused Samples”, something like “Remove Instrument List Space”… :)

Agreed and have seen it suggested in the past. Was surprised when I first discovered it didn’t do as such.

Also agreeing on Tehnik solution. +1!

djnick: You do know that you can delete the empty instrument-spaces manually though, by using the “-” button (I just meant in your case, where you had to scroll around to find the instruments)?

Hm. I haven`t tried but when keyboard is focused to Samples windows top right, simple clicking DELete key - removes quickly [empty] sample by sample. Good to see it works. But would be nice to have option in a right-click menu :]

Yeah, I think it should remove the spaces by default when deleting unused instruments.

this should be simple to achieve with 2.6 scripting. I’ll do my best to do it in the next weekend, but I’m again in truobles with everyday life, so I canì’t ensure anything…