removing the 512 beat limit from the beatsync field


is it possible to remove the 512 beat limit from the beatsync menu?

it seems kind of arbitrary and i’ve often had to engineer my way around it while experimenting with looong samples.

if I understand it correctly it’s just used as a coefficient in a frequency scaling function. is there any reason why it couldn’t be bounded much larger?


EDIT: corrected typos


same for patternlength limit, increase the max please.

I think the limit can be extended. The beatsync in generic was purposed for small percussion clips which are usually are segments of 1/4, 1/3 1/2 of a pattern. If you are applying it to vocals then this feature does indeed not fit a good use for that.

I track(record) drums over programmed parts. The feature will be a perfect fit for this use, so long as I can set the limit in beats to more than 512 lines. :)/>

And yes, I LIKE the idea of re-pitching drums when I adjust the BPM of the song. I guess there is no accounting for taste. :P/>