Renamer v2.4.5 for Windows 10 and Windows 7

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Do You Move Or Rename?

Renamer by EatMe v2.4.5 for Windows 10 & Windows 7

download new installer for Windows 10 & Windows 7

Renamer can mass rename and move files.


download Renamer 2.4.5 for Windows 10 & Windows 7

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Renamer 2.4.5 for Windows 10 & Windows 7

Windows 10/7 and 98/nt/xp application for directory creation, file moving, file renaming and file attribute setting.
Wildcards, drap-and-drop, and (sub)directory/(sub)folder structures are supported.
Saves undo and redo files by default named with the renaming date and time, can also load and save filelists to rename.

Latest minute notes:

  • Renamer v2.4.5 is bugless and available.
  • Renamer won 5 star awardson various freeware download sites!
  • File attributes setting is disabled under non-win98 systems.

Installation procedure:

  • Run Install Renamer 245.exe to install to C:\WINUTIL\RENAMER (Renamer 245 Windows 7 + Windows 10 installer/ 882 KB)
    or install to C:\PROGRAM FILES\RENAMER (Renamer 245 win98/nt/xp installer/ 274 K)
  • Extract the files from Install Renamer 245.exe with WinRAR for custom installation (help included).
    !! Windows 10 and 7 users: Keep Renamer out of the Program Files and Program Files (x86) directory.
    DefaultRenamer 2.4.5 Win10/7 installer/ 882 KB installation directory is C:\WINUTIL\RENAMER
    Due to directory structure security for saving filelists and undo files in the Renamer subdirectories/subfolders.
  • For the win98/nt/xp installer, on non-administrative installation of win7/win10: You may need to installMSCOMCTL.OCXby running “REGSVR32.EXE (drive):(path)\MSCOMCTL.OCX” - MS Common Control library
  • on non-administrative installation on Win7/Win10: Windows 7 and Windows 10 users need MSCOMCTL.OCX in their \Windows\SysWOW64\ directory and run REGSVR32.EXE \Windows\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX
  • Only by providing administrative priviledge, asked for, with theRenamer 2.4.5 Windows 10 & Windows 7 installer/ 882 KB, installation of MSCOMCTL.OCX is included on Windows 10 & Windows 7.

download Install Renamer 245.exe:
win10/7Renamer here (windows 7 / windows 10 installer)/ 882 KB,
or win98/nt/xpRenamer here (windows 98/nt/xp installer)/ 274 K

To uninstall Renamer 2.4.5 by EatMe:

  • remember to backup your Renamer\FileList*.ERF file lists
  • remember to backup your Renamer\Undo*.ERU undo files
  • after backing up your file lists and undo files, simply delete the Renamer program directory/folder and its subdirectories/subfolders from your drive.
    Default Windows 10 / 7 installation directory: C:\WINUTIL\RENAMER (due to Windows 10 & 7 security on Renamer subdirectories/subfolders to save filelists and undo files)
    Default Windows 98/nt/xp installation directory: C:\PROGRAM FILES\RENAMER
  • The Windows registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\EazRENAMER\ contains some stored program data, no need to remove this small sized program data, also: it can be re-used after later re-installation.

tip: After re-installing Renamer, revive your old Renamer renaming presets by entering the correct number of presets:

  • Run REGEDIT and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\EazRENAMER\Remove\Presets
  • edit the NrOfPresets REG_SZ string to the present number of presets (default: 17, starts at 0):
    You can see how many presets exactly are present in the subkeys underneath.
    The NrOfPresets should match the highest number found in the subkeys.

Renamer 2.4.5 is developed by EatMe [renamerinfo (@) eatme . pro] or [paashaas (@) outgun .com]

Renamer is a program that can rename and move files,create directories from filename(s) and set file attributes.

See the full specifications below for details.

To create a list of files you can input path(s), file(s),search pattern(s) and / or an earlier created file list.
Last 26 entered are saved, and default paths can be set for dialogs.

For more info about creating a list of files, press the Help button on the file list creator / loader screen.

You can save, make changes in and view the created list of files.

You can set the following Renaming options:
[] means optional, {x} means input character, {n} means input number

3 x Search / Replace in filename

Change case to lower-, proper- or uppercase. (Propercase capitalizes first character of each word)

Remove characters before first {x} when numbers are found there

Remove characters between [{n}st [last] {x}] and [{n}st [last] {x}] [including seperation at [end] [begin]] / option: Must be more than {n} characters / option: Remove spaces from [end] [begin] of remaining filename

Move file(s) to different (base) directory / option: Add directory level from input path / option: Add last directory of input path and directory level from input path

2 x Create and move files to subdirectory named either as the removed part [excluding seperation at [end] [begin]] or characters between {n}st [last] {x} and {n}st [last] {x}/ option: Remove spaces from [end] [begin] of remaining filename

Add [prefix] and [suffix] [before extension] to filename

Blank or Do not change or Set file attributes *(only for win98)
Read only

You can make changes in and view the renaming list.

You can save an Undo file and load Undo files to undo renaming.
These Undo files can be loaded with or without the option to restore changed file attributes.

Duplicate output filenames can be automatically numbered or not renamed and reported.