Renaming fav'ed doofer wont change favorite name

If you favorite a doofer and afterwards rename it, the favorite entry still will have the old name and won’t work anymore.

Hey guys,

I think you missed to fix this one.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load a doofer and fav it

  2. Rename the name of the favorited doofer

  3. See favorites: The favorite entry still has the old name and is not usable anymore

Will fix that some when later, but not for this release. Most important is that it correctly deals with no longer existing presets, and it does that just fine by showing a verbose error and not applying the preset. You can also fix that manually by removing the favorite and adding it again.

This may happen too when renaming or deleting presets in Explorer or Finder, outside of Renoise, and it’s hard to correctly update favorites in Renoise then too. Trying to fix this, on the other hand, requires touching stuff that I don’t want to touch now. There always is a chance that this breaks something else, which isn’t worth it.

Ok, sounds understandable to me :slight_smile:

I wish you guys would at some version think about extending the current instrument preset browser, so it would be the preset browser for all plugins.

On the right a tag cloud, where you can easily add tags and also remove tags (only if nothing uses it), and a number right after the tag, how many presets are using that tag.

VSTi could get auto tagged, for example the synth name.

I mean a really basic view, only pimped with such features.