Render Dialog

  1. Show the current rendering [NOT “encoding”, blah] speed (e.g. “3.54 X realtime”). Then again that’s just a gimmick.

  2. A checkbox to overwrite rendered files without asking, or an option in the preferences.

  1. Yeah could be good. Not really that important though, as this is when I make tea…

  2. Again, good but potentially dangerous is you are using Renoise whilst drunk.

I didn’t understand this clearly :blink: , I think rendering speed is not a constant value, it frequently varies during render due to the amount of data that needs processing… or am I wrong?

Yeah, so that value would be constantly fluctuating :P But it’s not really needed for anything, except benchmarks maybe…

That checkbox on the other hand… I constantly render newer versions of tracks to a fixed directory, and have to confirm every times a day that yes, I am sure that I want to overwrite the file… I don’t think that dialog saved me even once from overwriting a file I didn’t want to overwrite.

Why would it be dangerous, what is the difference between accidentally clicking “yes” instead of “no” and accidentally activating that checkbox (or a setting in the preferences for that matter?). But personally I would be totally happy even with some obscure .ini setting to turn off that check.

I get quite drunk when I am making music, so anything that has the potential to cause me hassle usually does! :)

what about a dialog which makes some silly questions at startup to see if you are drumk, and if so, launches Renoise in a drunk-proof mode? :lol:

Haha, something along the password thing in Leisure Suit Larry 1. :D

Hahaha. Yeah or the Monkey Island cardboard rotating disk thing

:D this one gave me the idea of enabling users to save the whole renoise preferences to files, and load them back each time one is needed, then they can be named for different conditions: Drunk proof.pre, Sleepy proof.pre, Ecstacy proof.pre,… :P

Quoting myself from elsewhere:

You’re full of ideas Johann, this one would be great… can be used in creating much better rendered-loops also, in the current form of rendering I have to cut the desired part of rendered sample using other tools.

One more: a checkbox for “save the .wav where the song is” (simply ignoring the selected directory).

or an option for a set directory (E:\rendered) with automatic creation of a subdir based on the song-filename (resulting in e:\rendered\hiphopbeat1, e:\rendered\housetrack2\ and so on), which is especially nifty if you often render each pattern and/or track seperately.