Render Each Track To Wav Bug

I stumbled across this “problem” :

when rendering each track to a seperate file, the effects on the masterchannel do not get applied to anything …

which is a problem if you use plugins like “supatrigga” or “dblueglitch” on the masterchannel …

Î dont really know how to handle this (get each channel seperately trough the master before writing to disk ? but this might be a problem for vsts using any kind of randomness …), but just wanted to let you know.

Its impossible to have both, the master track applied on every track and seperate each track into its own stream (what rendering to individual tracks does).

(Well, “impossible” is not really true, one could render the song number of track times and solo each track everytime to get always the mastertrack involved. But I dunno if this is really worth the trouble. It will take ages to render then…)

or make a module with the resultin WAV files as samples and the effects in the master track, and render everything as a single WAV file.

Just another idea

also, compressors or similar on the master wont work, since they get only one track to work with … You are right, its not really possible.