Render Instrument With Track Fx


I was thinking that now when we have plugin grabber, why can’t we render sample based instruments into new ones with selected track fx likewise? Applying fx in sample editor is not the same, cuz it does not sound the same always, and especially because inability to render velocity ranges and other dynamic stuff that can be made with modulation devices.

Benefits: tidied fx chain, saved cpu time, instrument reuse without loading fx chain, easiness of creating xrni instruments (for sharing), etc.

good idea. seems like it could just be a check box like ‘render track fx’

Because there is no instrument fx the whole point of rendering sampleinstruments is rendering them with track efects. I would prefer context menu item or possibility to combine this with plugin grabber so I could render layered instruments that contain both VST and sample. Or one or another of course.

  • export to wav & sfz

Interesting, this should be doable with a scripted tool n stuff.
You can always render a few notes: select them, right click -> render to sample.