Render Pattern Matrix Selection


After several years of a renoise-less living I recently got inspired again to fiddle around with music and dusted off the good ol renoise.

I have the following question ( hope my search skills didnt let me down this time)
Is there a possibility to render a patternmatrix selection to sample, similar to record selection to sample?

For instance: I have 4 tracks, and 2 pattern variations. I select the first 2 patterns in the patternmatrix view of track 1 and want to render that selection to sample.


Pattern Matrix - No

Pattern Sequencer - Yes. Well to disk, not direct to sample at least

Right-click context menu. Render Selection TO Disk. (Also available in the Render dialogue.)

So if you only want select Tracks you will have to Mute the Tracks or individual Blocks/Cells of the Matrix before Rendering.

You know, if the API already allows for reading of pattern matrix selections, it MIGHT be possible, since scripting can be used to render samples or selections or the whole song…

Thanks for the reply and information!

The way kazakore described it is then, since I dont know anything about API/scripting. Couple of more steps but that does not matter! Gonna try it out!

Again thanks!