"render Selection As Sample" Featuring Line-in Realtime Reco

hi… i realize render-selection-as-sample is for offline rendering, and sure, thats great, but i would really, really appreciate being able to “render-selection-as-sample” on a track that has a line-in device that is receiving audio from a synthesizer being sent midi-notes from renoise.

yes, the sample editor REC can do that, however, it would just enhance the workflow of those who process their outboard gear through renoise immensely, to be able to select a track that has audio input coming into it from midigear, and render that track to sample, in real time.

Forget about that. I asked about that feature several times, they just don’t want to do it, without any logic reason ;)

ok, so thats 2 people already that want the feature…

yea, i agree this would be super helpful rather than exporting the midi and doing it in another program


That would be handy, most of my outboard processing is analog but for making sample packs this could be very useful.


Specially good for linux guys with JACK connections to other software. I don’t know how many times I have stumbled on this not being available.

Simple tap on the channel should be just fine, assuming the user has previously already compensated the streams. Most cases the person will only render to sample the outboard stuff, so there is not much problem.

Ofcourse the feature requires more thinking through. But it is indeed very important feature both to hardware guys and to linux guys using JACK.

hopefully this is added one day.

itll come

Once upon a time I suggested a group of commands controlling realtime rendering to sample (instruments). It makes possible to dynamically generate and keep up to date loops/multilayer instruments. I don’t remember which decision the team came to, but I consider it’s more possible than impossible.

maybe we could leave rendering as it is and instead have “record” as that’s what it is
it would work the same way like render, except it would only record what is marked - if it’s vst it records the output if it’s outboard it records the input etc

then user would choose if he wants to render or record

it would definitely help processing sounds via outboard gear and make renoise from ultimate tool into heaven on earth :)

Yeah “record selection to sample” might be a feature. :)

+1 definitely…
would save a lot of hassle and doesnt require revamping render selectionm…

would be great!!

even just a rudimentary dump right now would be good. the latency can be compensated with the midi device latency…