"Render Selection To Sample no longer renders DSPs on master chann

“Render Selection To Sample no longer renders DSPs on master channel”
What does that mean ?

Let’s say that you have Track 1, and Track 1 has some DSP effects on it (filter, delay, whatever).

Let’s also say that your Master track has some DSP effects on it (compressor, limiter, eq, whatever).

Now… You make a selection of note data in Track 1, and then you use the Render Selection To Sample function.

Your rendered sample will only contain the DSP effects from Track 1, but not the Master.

“no longer” implying that this functionality has been changed from an earlier version?

I see, ok, thanks, but I guess it makes music making a bit harder now.
Thanks dblue for your reply. Have a good weekend.

What exactly has been made harder by this?

It was changed to work this way because quite a lot of people requested it, and it does actually make sense when you think about it.

When you use Render Selection To Sample, it’s typically because you want to capture some small part of your pattern and then play it back again. Maybe you’re “freezing” a phrase from a VST synth in order to save some CPU, or you intend to re-sample something from the pattern in order to apply special effects.

Either way, you’ll need to replay that sample again in another track or pattern, where it will ultimately be processed once more through the Master DSP chain. So if we included the Master DSP in the render, then those DSPs will actually be applied twice – once when rendering, and once again when playing. This doubling of the Master DSP chain simply makes no sense in the majority of situations.

If you’re deliberately putting a lot of DSPs on the Master and then rendering many samples from your patterns – perhaps creating a sample pack or something like that – then I can understand why this might cause some problems for you. In those situations, you’d need to move your effects chain to a send track instead.

I get it now, it does make sense, sorry about that, didnt think about it that way : ) #foreverblond

If you want to include the Master track’s DSP’s, you may also try
“Render Selection to Disk” located in the Pattern Sequencer.

Its what I use most, if not all the time when rendering,
rarely render to sample. Not for rendering the Master - for other
reasons. You just have to load the render back to Renoise.

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Thanks ! I didnt even know “render” function was there too ! (Right click->Pattern>Render to Sample) : )