Render selection to sample sometimes overwrites instrument

Sometimes… just random… when I make a selection, click right, choose for “render to sample”,
the rendered sample will show up in a slot already in use by a vst-instrument.
So after rendering, I’ll end up with a slot containing a vst-instrument + a sample. on it.

the normal behaviour would be; rendering the sample and placing the sample in the last empty slot OR creating a new slot and putting the rendered
sample there.

I’m using Windows 7.
this happens randomly.

Cheers, Rob

Any chance we can get more info about this - what exactly was overwritten and why? Never have seen this here.

Ok today I found out this only happen when I have this enabled:

When enabled, upon changing the track or pattern, the instrument under or nearest to the cursor will be automatically selected in this list.

The rendered part overwrites the instrument/sample right below this one. (this one=the automatically selected “captured” one)