Render Selection To Track

Just wanted to ask, what parameters is renoise using on rendering selection to sample?

and can they be changed?

Rernoise makes a sound-dump from the area you selected by mouse.
If you mark a range across two tracks that both use different instruments and DSP settings, all those effects are being applied as they would sound when playing or just rendering the whole song.
The only difference between rendering to sample and rendering to disk is that you just render a marked area to an instrument-slot.

Or is your question:when are the effects being applied? From the offset as they would normally go from the start of the pattern or are they instantiated from the start of the range?:
Since it’s rendering occurs right from the start of the range, this is also where effects will be instantiated.
So certain offsets and instrument triggers must be set well before applying this rendering else you would miss out certain instruments or sample-offsets.

thanks vvoois, but actually i meant rendering parameters, like interpolation method for example…

Just cubic i think but i will test this out. but i don’t know if sample-bitrates of played instruments will be preserved.
What i do know is currently samples are being stored 16 bit format even if samples were loaded 32-bit format. So even if general disk rendering parameters would make a difference, the samples will not be stored in 32-bit mode when the song itself is saved at current. (this issue is known with the devs) The song will be rendered 32-bit to disk, when set ofcourse.