Render Slices To Samples

or save them to samples rather

I don’t think there’s just a right-click option for it, there should so we can send the slices to hardware samplers and drum machines and the like. Would be way more convenient!! So I never have to use Recycle again and export my slices

I suppose that you want to save each slice as a separate instrument, with its first and only sample being the slice?

+1, but sounds very scriptable

damn dude, i could’ve told you that before you started, would’ve saved you a lot of trouble!

(joking of course! sorry jenoki! damn internet where you have to say this to make sure people don’t feel hurt!)

Right click on the sample list:

Gives you a an option to “Save All Samples As…”.

Of curse it still would be nice to automate this (loading the slices into a new instrument afterwards).

LOL there it is. guess i could have played around with it more. thanks dude!