Render Song To Mp3 Format.

Just thought of something that isn’t implemeted. Mixdown the song to mp3 format. Could have options for kbps and kHz. When I used Buzz I more often wrote my tracks to mp3 format so I could upload them into the net. If someone wanted the original .wav then I could always go back and write to wav format.

It’s a possibility, but not everybody would like to use that feature, in contradiction to the render each track seperately to disk which was a very welcome feature for a lot. (professional end mixing and mastering in a different application)

I think this will be used more often to sent quick snippets of your work to people. If there was a normalize function before it writes to mp3 built-in it would be a pretty nice addon.

the normalize option would be great, for mp3-encoding just use lamedrop, it gets no easier than this. (its a copy of oggdrop)