Render To Disk Evolution

Rendering is a big part of our routine, especially if you’re like me you do multiple stems of each mix, several times during the life of a project. Not a lot has changed for the Render to Disk dialogue box for some time now, so it might be good to open a new thread to discuss how this could be evolved for the next version.

For me, a great improvement could be a more traditional style file name selection process. Currently you can only select a folder from the Browse function, not an existing file name. If you want to render-over an existing file you have to type it correctly and hope you get it right (or go out to the file manager and check the name text). It would be just way better if you can point to an existing file as the save-to path.

Another change could be song-contextual folder path memory for each song. Where it currently is a pain the render dialogue remembers whatever path you had for the last render, no matter what song you are in. If not checked it can be easy to forget to reset the path each time you’re in a different song (in this case the stems are being sent to separate song-unique folders for post production). It would be great if each XRNS remembered it’s own rendering path somehow. Maybe this could actually be set in the Song Properties tab?

Let me know what you think of these ideas. Add your own here. :)

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Liking your ideas a lot, they could improve rendering process. As of first one, I think that’s intentional, because you can also render stems of tracks to disk, so selecting folder is somehow logical, but it’s also a great thing to have a possibility to select a single file also.

I’d just like to add that maybe a “Save each group into a seperate file” could be nice.

I think the destination filename idea makes sense for single file renders. But if you have more than one (for separate tracks and/or patterns), the string you type in the text field is a prefix. How do you want to select this from existing files?

+1 for the song path memory.

Another idea I think I mentioned a long time ago: If I render both tracks AND patterns to separate files, I’d love to have 3 more options:
a ) Store everything in 1 folder (That’s the way it is now.)
b ) Create folders for tracks
c ) Create folders for patterns (Shouldn’t this be called timeline slots BTW?)

I think they are great ideas and it’s a bit strange noone made a tool for better rendering yet. Hmm…

This is a good idea in abstract, but what happens when you have sub-groups? The group layering can go 6 levels deep!

Thanks for the discussion people, good contributions. :)

Good question :huh: You’re thinking the sound won’t sound the same when the main group effects isn’t applied to the sum of all the sub-groups, I think that’s true and therefore it’s probably not possible to go deeper than the first group!?

I’d just like to point out that “The Deliver” improves the “Render Song To Disk” capabilities immensely.

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