Render To Sample Sound Quality Issue

i usually constantly resample for creative purposes to make basses and when i resampled in hardware (sp404) the sound quality was always slightly degraded everytime you resampled. but i’m wondering apart from the volume of the rendered selection is there any actually difference in sound quality? i know when you render from renoise the sound quality is fine so i’m just interested in this.

I’m not quite sure, but I’ve been resampling stuff in Renoise forever and I can’t hear a difference in the quality of the audio, whether there is one or not. You are right that the volume is always lower, but that is easily fixed by simply amplifying the volume of the rendered sample.

it’s known that a quieter sound is perceived to be slightly worse in quality in respect of a corresponding louder sound, so maybe it’s because of this that you perceive the sampled sound as worse in quality.

there should be no difference between the original and the sampled version

cool thanks for clearing that up. i was just wondering because obviously when you resample something in the hardware world there is going to be some loss in quality.

so although there is slight degradation in renoise it is mostly inaudible.